Oilfield Supply

We are an oilfield service and products company serving the well service, drilling and completion sectors of the oil and gas industry.  We understand your needs and requirements. Our equipment and products are manufactured in accordance to international standards.


Oil Field Chemicals

NILA GeoSolutions is a distributor of a complete portfolio of oil field chemicals right from PRODUCTION to DRILLING & COMPLETION.


Corrosion Inhibitors

Chemistry: Formulated blends of imidazoline / amine intermediates, amine blends, alkoxylated fatty amines, quaternary ammonium compounds.

Features: Excellent protection from various corrosive fluids and gases. Good film forming ability. Stable at range of temperature & ph.

H2S Scavenger


Asphaltene Inhibitors

Scale Inhibitors

Water Based Drilling Fluid Chemicals

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Email us for the Clay/Shale Inhibitors brochure.


 As the oil and gas industry comes to terms with “lower for longer” prices, operators are seeking to optimize production efficiency. Put simply, international oil companies are seeking to produce more, for less.

NILA GS compressed air filters prevent dust, dirt, oil and water from your equipment. Dust will wear down your equipment (like the air motor in grinders), pneumatic actuators and it can make pneumatic control valves get stuck. manufactures oil/gas industry filter element products for demanding applications worldwide. We supply metal felt filter element media for highly corrosive, high temperature or high viscosity uses, where they have significant advantages over woven wire and sintered metal elements. Our desiccant breathers protect gearboxes, pumps, compressors and turbines from moisture and particulate.

Downhole Completion Tools

NILA Oil Tools, we specialize in supplying high-quality downhole tools tailored to the petroleum industry’s specific needs. Our extensive product range comprises retainers, packers, bridge plugs, Dissolvable Tools, Injection & Production Tools, Bore Scraping Tools, Safety Tools, Hydraulic Anchors, Sand Control Tools, and Anti-deflection tools. With a focus on innovation and reliability, we are dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for downhole operations. NILA GeoSolutions prides itself on offering great service and being able to deliver accurate formal quotes to clients within 24-48 hours of receiving an inquiry.

NILA oil tools offer a comprehensive completion tool line, from an Open hole and Cemented Multi-Stage Stimulation systems to Composite Plugs. 

Ξ Downhole safety valve (DHSV)

Ξ Annular safety valve,

Ξ Landing nipple,

Ξ Sliding sleeve,

Ξ Centraliser,

Ξ Side pocket mandrel

Ξ Control Lines & ESP Cables 


Ξ Christmas Tree Bonnet

Ξ  Safety Relief Actuator

Ξ Repair Kit

Ξ Gate and Seat Assembly

Ξ Desander and Accumulators

Ξ Back Pressure Valves

Ξ Ball Valves

Ξ Gate Valves

Ξ Multiple Orifice Valves, Relief Valves, Non return Valves

Ξ Pressure Gauges, Gaskets, Studs and Nuts

Casing & Tubing Supplier

NILAGS offers a complete range of API 5CT Casing and Tubing for all types of oil exploration and production demands. The material includes carbon steel (for the most common use), alloy, chrome and high alloy steels. API 5CT grades cover J55 / K55, N80 type 1 and N80Q, L80, C90, T95, P110, Q125, and with additional requirements of 13 Cr.

Supply Range
Casing Size: OD: 4-1/2″ – 20″ (114.3 mm – 508 mm)
Tubing Size: OD: 2-3/8″ – 4-1/2″ (60.3 mm – 114.3 mm)
WT: 0.205″ – 0.635 mm; Length: R1 (4.88 m – 7.62 m), R2 (7.62 m – 10.36 m), R3 (10.36 m – longer)
Standard: API 5CT, JIS G3439, BS EN ISO 11960, NF M87-207
Material: H40, J55, K55, N80, L80, C90, T95, P110, Q125, 13Cr
Type of connections for Casing: BTC (thread coupling buttress), LTC (long round thread coupling), premium connection.
Types of connections for Tubing: BTC, NUE, EUE, Premium
Usage: Conveying gas, water, oil, natural gas.

Premium connections
Premium connections that replace the connections VAM TOP, NEW VAM, HYDRIL CS, TPCQ (TPCO), HSM-1/HSM-2 (Hengyang Valin Connections), and etc.



Industrial Oil, lubricants greases and sealants are essential to the process industry. Industrial oils can be used in various types of machines and vehicles and hence are available in a variety including gear oils, Lubricants are essential to the process industry. They are used to reduce the amount of friction between the moving surfaces such as rotary equipment which in turn ensures the smooth running of the machinery. The most popular types of lubricants are:

Ξ  Motor Oils, marine oils, turbine oils, Hydraulic Oils.

Ξ  Greases,

Ξ  Valve Lubricants

Ξ  Sealants

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