NILA GS fully rotational torque (RT) bucking machine is designed for fast and accurate makeup and breakout of premium and non-premium threaded tubular equipment. The machine can handle up to a maximum torque of 100,000 ft-lb tracking thread, and run in from as low as 200 ft-lb.

The self-contained, free-standing, hydraulically powered torque machine consists of a fixed headstock and a traversing tailstock, with a hinged top-opening feature to help ensure tools are loaded safely and efficiently.

The stocks feature hydraulically controlled clamp cylinders that can go from 2 3/8 to 22 in. OD, without the need to change jaws between sizes.


Accurate Torque Turn graph reports for full authentication and traceability

Calibrated to thread manufacturers’ guidelines and tolerances

Fully floating head and tailstock to accommodate offset connections

Traversing tailstock top-opening feature ensuring tools are loaded safely

Soft Jaws for use with Chrome and CRA Tubulars.

Serviced with 20T overhead crane

In addition to the RT Bucking machine NILA GS provides a range of bespoke makeup solutions enabling various assemblies including 42” Hole Opener BHA’s, Wellheads, Casing and Drill pipe doubles to be handled off the critical path.

NILA GS has the Engineering support, Technical Expertise and Operational flexibility to meet your offline makeup requirements so contact us to see how we can be of assistance.



HYDROSTATIC PRESSURE TESTING is used for hydrostatic testing using water up To 15,000 PSI.

The team at NILA GS has the expertise to perform reliable pipe hydrotesting for whatever grade pipe you have. The process will test for leaks and weak spots in the pipe. When it comes to hydrostatic pressure testing, it’s essential to only trust an expert. That’s why oil and gas companies call NILA GS to get the job done right.

Our high capacity equipment can perform hydrostatic tests for your tubing and casing up to 15,000 PSI. We use top-of-the-line hydrostatic testing equipment to ensure the most accurate test possible. Our team is highly experienced with high pressure tests and provide fast turnaround for all of your tubing and casing.

Call us when you need hydrostatic testing.

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