NILA GS Slickline Services cuts well intervention costs and boost production,

We support integrated production well services with a fleet of slickline services.

Our slickline services cover: basic removal of scale, wax and sand build-up, setting plugs, changing out gas lift valves, fishing and other complex well applications. State-of-the-art equipment operated by highly skilled and experienced personnel providing the highest operational and safety performance is what makes NILA GeoSolutions the slickline company of choice.

NILA GS offer Slickline Services for On & Offshore as a complete package, whereby the dual drum units are able to run slickline/ braided line and single core logging cable from the same unit, without changing out reels.

All units are state of the art with PCE (Pressure Control Equipment) operated from the control cabin and have data acquisitioning as standard. The units are also sound proof and built for operator comfort, to ensure they are focused on the job. The unit comes with a variety of tools and additional lubricators as needed for the operations. Job programs are created by our engineering team where required (Based on individual Customers programs at all times).

Our Solutions

Ξ  Mechanical Intervention Applications including:

Ξ  Setting and removal of flow control devices.

Ξ  Cleaning of the wellbore, wax removal, scale removal & sand or other debris removal

Ξ  Control of sliding sleeves for access to zones

Ξ  Replacement of gas lift valves

Ξ  Setting of hydraulic packers

Ξ  Well plug and abandonment

Ξ  Fishing services

Ξ  Memory Production logging for Measurement of downhole temperature and pressure; and Recording accurate flow profiles

Ξ  Memory gauges for Measurement of downhole temperature and pressure

Ξ  Deployment of 3rd party memory tools

Equipment and Resources

Ξ  New generation Slickline units integrated with crane

Ξ  Mechanical and Fishing intervention tools

Ξ  Through Tubing plugs

Ξ  Memory Production Logging

Ξ  Memory multi finger imaging

Ξ  Memory pressure and temperature gauges

Ξ  Bottom hole sampling

Ξ Downhole Camera

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