We offer a comprehensive range of wireline and slickline services.


NILA GeoSolutions cased hole logging tools give operators the measurements to optimize reservoir performance and evaluate well integrity.

By blending local knowledge with international experience, our Cased Hole experts can perform high-quality, fast-response cased hole operations with ease – which is especially pertinent for operations that involve the handling of dangerous goods. Our extensive portfolio, including the latest technologies of Cased Hole and Well Intervention services, makes NILA GeoSolutions the service provider of choice for clients looking to harness key data insights and use them to their advantage.

Our easy-to-understand interpretations simplify decision making and ensure accurate record keeping.

OUR Well Integrity Solutions.

Our systems vary from cost-effective solutions to highly technologically advanced systems.


Through our relationship with our partners, we have an extensive selection of casing inspection technology and services. If you are looking for high resolution logs, or to perform your log through tubing, or even to evaluate multiple casing strings for internal and external corrosion, we have what you require. NILA GS has an extensive toolbox of multiple technologies that can be utilized to address numerous logging requirements, environments, and scenarios. Reach out to our team of experts to find out the best suited well integrity log solution for your challenge.


Magnetic Thickness Detector

Ξ  Designed to operate equally in all well fluid types – including significant solids or sand content

Ξ  Improved understanding of well integrity through twelve discrete wall thickness measurements

Ξ  Tool flexibility permits passage through small restrictions and varying casing/tubing

Ξ  Deployable on Slickline, Electric line, Coil Tubing and Tractor

Ξ  Suitable for all well deviations, including horizontal
Ξ  Comprehensive range of log analysis and report services available.


Production logging tools are run in completed wells to ascertain the nature and behavior of fluids in or around the borehole during production or injection. These logs are used to analyze dynamic well performance and the productivity or injectivity of different zones, to diagnose problem wells, or to monitor results of a stimulation or completion. 

Production Logging Tools consist of a combination of different sensors and ancillary tools. Our tools can be combined with any other tools in the string using a Wireline Telemetry Cartridge or Downhole Memory Cartridge (Memory). All tools can be combined in any order to facilitate well specific requirements.

We help you unlock the potential from your well and exceed your operational targets.

Array Noise Tool

Get the most accurate measurements while logging up or down by eliminating road noise as the tool moves through the well. The array also detects weak fluid movement behind multiple pipes, for better leak detection.


Multi-Finger Caliper

Accurately detect and measure corrosion, wear, bending, pits, deposits and many other problems hidden away inside of your tubing and casing. Options include multiple finger configs, sour service, and motorized centralizers.

Acoustic Leak Flow Analyzer 

Conduct a wide range of diagnostic studies, from well integrity to production performance to reservoir monitoring. This tool is loaded with sensors, including spectral noise, pressure, high-res temperature and casing collar locators.


Radial Bond Tool

Using our RBT technology, we offer customers an enhanced understanding of their cement and annular integrity. With a powerful sonic transmitter and multiple radially segmented acoustic sensors, the RBT provides a comprehensive evaluation of cement to casing and cement to formation bonding.


Downhole Cameras (A New Dimension in Wellbore Inspections)

Downhole cameras can be useful for finding restrictions in a wellbore during completions, and they can locate areas where casing and other tubulars are damaged or corroded, leak detection, fishing assistance, fluid entry surveys and mechanical failures. 


Re-Establish the Integrity of your Well

lntegrity Management

Integrity management is the key to sustaining production and avoiding unplanned downtime over the lifespan of a field. 

Whether it’s mitigating sustained casing pressure or providing a remedial integrity barrier, the successful restoration of well integrity can unlock revenue potential and extend the life of your well.  

By accurately delivering an epoxy sealant into the micro annulus, or sealing off a leaking production packer, well integrity is re-established.  


Our annular isolation solution precisely delivers a seal to your well.

Using a tailored sealing solution, we accurately plug the annulus in both vertical and horizontal wells. Delivered in a single well run by our patented downhole delivery tool, CannSeal technology extends the life of your well.



 Plug and Abandonment applications (P&A)

 Lost Circulation Material (LCM)

 Barrier Behind Casing (BBC)

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