We Offer Permanent or Semi-Permanent Reservoir Monitoring Systems

With NILA GS Permanent Gauges You Can Gather Data for Years to Increase Reservoir Management Efficiency.

In partnership with DataCan, a worldwide supplier of innovative, high-performance pressure and temperature recording devices and systems, NILA GeoSolutions offers advanced reservoir characterization, analysis, and production enhancement services. In addition, we offer a complete line of reservoir monitoring equipment and services to get the most from your assets over the life of the well.

When it comes to measuring and recording well performance and reservoir behavior, downhole permanent gauges continue to stand the test of time, especially in terms of reliability and long-term performance that are key to achieving the customer’s reservoir monitoring requirements.

Outstanding performance reliability

Over 400+ Permanent Monitoring Systems Installed with a 98% Success Rate.

Permanent gauges are installed downhole to monitor and deliver accurate pressure and temperature readings in real time, round-the-clock. Data is transmitted to surface via a downhole TEC cable. The data is immediately displayed on a local surface panel where operators view it in real time.  It is also communicated simultaneously by radio, satellite and secure network to designated engineers to view remotely.  Consequently, operators are achieving better reservoir management standards, optimizing producing wells, improving production and obtaining critical reservoir build-up data without intervention. Permanent gauges make it possible to monitor pressure and temperature accurately and remotely year after year, throughout the life of the reservoir.

Permanent monitoring systems are growing in demand. The installation of a NILA GS permanent monitoring system is very simple. This simplicity leads to higher system reliability. The simplicity also helps to lower costs, lower installation times, and reduce mistakes. NILA GS permanent monitoring system is an economical reservoir evaluation solution.


Ξ  Gas lift monitoring 
Ξ  Multi-Gauge Permanent System
Ξ  Offset well fracture diagnostics
Ξ  Monitor skin, permeability, and pressure drawdown over time
Ξ  Real-time DFIT’s
Ξ  Obtain initial build-up data
Ξ  Identify reservoir connectivity
Ξ  Detect drainage or injection area changes
Ξ  Monitor well completion hardware (PCP optimization)
Ξ  Automate your reservoir optimization solutions


Cutting-Edge Distributed Fiber Optic technology

When a reservoir engineer has a thorough understanding of the production and injection dynamics, he can optimize production and maximize recovery. Unlike conventional production monitoring systems, Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology are highly effective for determining differential reservoir depletion, cross-flow between reservoir layers and other near-wellbore effects. The continuous sensor element – a well-protected optical fiber – leaves no area unmonitored and delivers gapless information about the inflow and axial flow along the entire asset in real time. Utilizing only one single passive fiber cable, our solutions deliver thousands of measuring data points along the cable. NILA GS Sensing solution enables  completions with continuous downhole monitoring and flow control.


NILA GS Sensing DTS solution gathers wellbore temperature data in real time, giving the operator a precise display of the condition of the well. With continuous temperature profile and trend analysis, production yields are achieved, tracking well production changes over time. In-flow along the production area, wellbore integrity and artificial lift performance are continuously monitored 24/7. By evaluating the long-term reservoir response to completion, the operator is enabled to optimize the production. Leaks or faulty valves are immediately detected, and the operator is informed about the precise location of the leak event.


NILA GS DAS system gathers the noise into flowrates from individual zones. Abnormal acoustic information is identified, and the operator receives a precise display of the condition of its valves and pumps. This enables predictive maintenance. DAS measures vibrations and acoustic signals, enabling the detection of leaks and small flow changes, where conventional monitoring technology is not efficient. The DAS technology assesses the flow behavior across the entire length of the wellbore at the perforation level, giving you the ability to identify perforations contributing to production in real time and inform the operator if the perforation is plugged or allowing fluid to pass through it. Flow data is generated at each point along the asset and historical waterfall data is recorded and processed. DAS mitigates potential site risks through early detection of unintentional fracturing of the reservoir. Furthermore, DAS provides accurate measurements of frequency, phase and amplitude along the entire length of the asset.


Our solutions offer a robust and reliable asset protection for various application areas, including:

Ξ  Track well production changes over time

Ξ  Monitoring of production and injection profiling in horizontal wells

Ξ  Unconventional plays, waterflooded reservoirs, Thermal and Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) projects

Ξ  Borehole seismic evaluation services and seismic profiling

Ξ  Information on reservoir and well stimulation and depletion efforts

Ξ  Full wellbore temperature coverage

Ξ  Assessment of cement quality

Ξ  Real-time monitoring success of fracking operations and fracture visualization

Ξ  Supply in-flow distribution along the reservoir and verify and allocate cross flow

Ξ  Detect early water or gas breakthrough and its location

Ξ  Check integrity of casing and completion by downhole Leak Detection

Ξ  Monitor and optimize gas lift valve operation

Ξ  Monitoring of artificial lift performance, and wellbore integrity

Ξ  Geothermal monitoring

Ξ  Subsea umbilical and flowline monitoring


Memory Gauges

Downhole memory gauges, gauge carriers, and accessories.

NILA GS downhole memory gauges measure key parameters from a well such as pressure, temperature, and flow to increase your knowledge of the well’s performance and give insights into productivity improvements. Memory gauges can log data during surveys of a few hours, to pressure build-ups lasting months or years.

Downhole gauges are designed to survive the harshest of conditions, including high pressure, high temperature, and corrosive environments.


All our downhole memory gauges use the same easy-to-use software to keep training to a minimum.

Standard and custom gauge carriers are available with or without added shock absorbers.

Our gauges are available to rent or to purchase. Contact our main office for more information.



Ξ  Gas lift monitoring

Ξ  Pressure build-ups/drawdowns

Ξ  Well testing 

Ξ  Gradient surveys 

Ξ  Pump monitoring 

Ξ  Production Optimization 

Deployment methods:


Ξ  Slick line 

Ξ  Coiled tubing 

Ξ  Gauge Carriers 

Ξ  Gas lift mandrels 

Ξ  Drill stem

Ξ  Jet-Pump Carrier


Why choose NILA GS as your production logging partner?

We have over two decades of oil and gas experience and expertise. We can support you from our local office. Our highly-skilled field engineers can mobilize to your location at the shortest of notice. We deliver comprehensive and high-precision data interpretation through our data analytics partner, ANSA. 

In short, we are committed to working in collaboration with operators, and offering innovative and insightful solutions to support safe, cost-effective and efficient production.

Speak to us and find out how our production logging services can help you optimize hydrocarbon recovery.

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