Improved core quality, saved operational time and cost, reduced risk, improved coring processes and faster operations.

Quality Cores Deliver Quality Information

NILA GeoSolutions knows that when it comes to drilling, it’s all about being fast and efficient. Combining our expert drilling teams and proprietary technologies, NILA GeoSolutions has the know-how to get you to the zone – safely, quickly, and efficiently. Backed by more than 70 years of oil and gas industry experience, our drilling services and technologies have a proven track record of reducing drilling non-productive time (NPT) and enabling longer runs.

Recover the highest quality cores in real-time with true formation evaluation data and the ability to core and drill with the same bottom hole assembly

Coring Services

As part of drilling operations, geological information about formation is required to evaluate a reservoir. Coring is a process of taking a sample of reservoir rock for further analysis, to obtain information on reservoir porosity (fluid-carrying capacity), permeability (the ability of fluids to flow) and hydrocarbon and water saturation. Knowing these properties is required to estimate hydrocarbon production and how variation in these parameters will affect production and ultimate recovery.


The CoDril module allows the operator to switch between coring mode and drilling mode in real time.  If core is not required from a particular interval, the tool can be set to full diameter drilling to avoid filling up the core barrel. Trips to change between coring and drilling equipment can thus be reduced or eliminated.

Logging While Coring

The Logging While Coring LWC® module provides essential real-time logging information of the core as it enters the core barrel, enabling drillers and geologists to optimize the coring process by evaluating the core in real-time. Current data sets include Gamma Ray, resistivity, temperature, vibrations and inner barrel stall detection.



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