Impactful Global Business in Gabon

To facilitate excellent Business, Trade and Investment ventures

Every business can do with a helping hand, and NILA GeoSolutions Business Consulting provides first-class business consultancy services in Gabon and in the French speaking West African region. We ensure that all activities and transactions are done punctually, properly and safely.

No matter what stage of the business cycle you are in – pre-investment, start-up, take off, growth/maturing or just looking for partners – we will be able to assist you. Whether your organization requires advisory, research and feasibility studies, registration, facilitation, business development, due diligence, advocacy, representation or management and marketing consulting services, we can deliver efficient and punctual solutions.

NILA GeoSolutions is dedicated to assisting its clients to develop and explore potential Oil & gas business and Renewable Energy opportunities in West Africa.

Tailor-made Solutions

Tailor-made Solutions

Business and Trade Missions

We strive to bring parties together and cultivate business contacts worldwide.

Participate in official group or individual business and trade missions to/from Gabon or attend and exhibit on international trade conferences, fairs and shows around the USA and increase exposure to the global markets.

We will prearrange the visit and schedule meetings and site visits for your executives with the preselected potential partners. Meet with prospective distributors, agents, government and industry officials that will help to form strategic alliances and facilitate business transactions on the respective markets.

Government Relations

In many instances, the support of the government for a business venture is required in its operations. We facilitate and coordinate close collaboration between our clients and the government and its ministries, agencies and authorities.

We can ensure the success by making sure that the required project proposals, procurement bids, tenders and business plans are up-to-standard, and by keeping the dialogue on track while continuously following up on the status of the submissions and projects.

Legal Services

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Business and Product Registration, Licensing, Permits

The registration of your business or product is one of the most important and crucial steps. We help our clients to understand and comply with local laws, regulations, product standards, certification requirements and to find their way in the administrational, legal and regulatory labyrinth.

Our team will assist you in the business registration, acquiring all the necessary licenses and permits and with immigration-related issues such as visa, residence and work permits.


Investment Opportunities, Industries and Sectors

Gabon offers multiple lucrative business and investment opportunities with large returns.

The following industries have been key and strategically important for the country and paving the way for the development of Gabon.

With increased business and investment activities, these sectors are providing a robust and dynamic base for economic growth.

Renewable Energy

The government’s key strategic objective is to increase the country’s electricity production capacity  by 2030.

Construction, Real Estate and Housing

The construction, real estate and housing sector in Gabon can produce stable revenue throughout the investment period.

Mineral Extraction and Processing

Gabon is very is well-endowed with mineral resources with reserves of gold, manganese, bauxite, diamond and limestone among others.

Sanitation and Waste Management

The sanitation and waste management sector has been gradually modernized through the introduction of private sector participation and decentralization of the rural management.


This is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the economy and it is expected to grow at an average of 4.1% per annum over the next two decades driven largely by the country’s unique historical, cultural and its natural parks attractions.


The industry comprises of all firms (both public and private) operating in the market and are involved in the provision services and products, and generation of knowledge related to the health sector.

Our Business Promotion offers

Facilitating local representation of foreign companies

Creating and promoting links between Exploration & Production companies and governmental authorities.

Assisting in Negotiating terms/contracts with government authorities

Local network with government authorities

Promote renewable energy in West Africa

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