NILA GeoSolutions is dedicated to assisting its clients to develop and explore potential Oil & gas business and Renewable Energy opportunities in Africa markets. We strive to be the foremost trade and investment facilitation private firm in West Africa. Using localized and highly specialized knowledge of the economic, energy sector, government institutions and social environments in the different parts of West Africa.

Business Assistance, Promotion and Representation.

NILA GeoSolutions has for focus to promote and represent Midsize and small Exploration & Production firms to do business in Gabon, Sénégal, Gambia, Mauritania and São Tomé and Príncipe.

Our Business Promotion offers

  • Facilitating local representation of foreign companies
  • Creating and promoting links between E&P companies and governmental authorities
  • Assisting in Negotiating terms/contracts with government authorities
  • Local network with government authorities
  • Promote renewable energy in West Africa

Why Work With Us?

Our team focuses on excellence, team spirit and a commitment to providing services and products that enable our clients to improve their performance in oil and gas industry, safely, quickly and competitively.

Customer satisfaction is at the top of our concerns. We work bearing this in mind. Our technology, products, services, and developing world-class solutions are important to our business system.

We are glad to often engage with our customers along each phase of a project life-cycle. Helping out in planning, advisory, understanding requirements, and providing valuable feedback during relevant project-phases or in any way you think we could help out within our reach.

We understand the deep diversity of challenges in the energy sectors and because of our clients, we have gone ahead to forge wide range of partnerships to always deliver the best services that could surpass a client's expectations.

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