We proactively manage risks and keep production flowing

Do you have a problem with scale, paraffin or producing heavy oil from your wellbore?

Scale, wax, paraffin, sand, and other debris is an increasing global problem for oil companies who have maturing fields where there is an ongoing build-up in producing wells. 

Production blockages can be caused by a variety of sources, including scale, paraffin, asphaltenes, and hydrates. All of these lead to costly issues like production loss, downtime, equipment repairs, and more.

NILA GeoSolutions has various tools specifically designed to enhance wellbore cleanup and debris removal through cost-effective slickline intervention.  We can help you address flow challenges throughout the production lifecycle to avoid startup delays and well shut-ins and increase the profitability of your producing assets. 


Need to Resolve Wax Problems?

Get Results with NILA GeoSolutions Paraffin Melting Tool

Do you struggle to keep up with paraffin deposition in tubing strings of producing wells? Have you ever thought to yourself, “what if heat could be incorporated into a mechanical wax cutting tool to expedite the process?” Then consider NILA GS’s PMT (Paraffin Melting Tool), by SageRider Inc., to better serve your preventative maintenance routine for clearing wellbore tubulars of waxy deposits.

The Paraffin Melting Tool reaches temperatures over 450 degrees F (230 degrees C). This heat is conducted through a full-drift cutting head, and the combination cleans wellbore production tubulars more efficiently and effectively than conventional knife-style tools that rely on mechanical means to remove the unwanted deposits.

Thermal Oil Recovery technology THOR is

reliable, cost effective and low carbon, mechanically powered heater providing 100% targeted heat downhole

At NILA GeoSolutions we understand that hydrostatic testing is an essential part of critical component testing, proving the integrity of the design, material quality and sealing elements to ensure longevity and reliability.

Placing safety and quality at the heart of everything we do while working closely with our customers allows us to be flexible and adaptable, offering innovative solutions to individual testing requirements.

We have a new fully enclosed test bay which has the capacity to perform hydrostatic testing up to 25000 PSI, and this along with our existing fully enclosed modular testing containers enables us to pressure test a wide range of subsea and surface equipment in our Aberdeen facility.

All work is monitored and recorded using digital pressure, temperature and flow transducers enabling detailed post-test analysis to be carried out.


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